Having a website and having a good website are hugely different things

If you live in the UK you will have definitely heard about the demise of HMV and those outside of the UK will no doubt be aware of it as well. Whilst they have so far only slipped into administration and not vanished forever it is shocking for some to see such a large long established name in such trouble, even though they aren’t the first big name to go under in the UK in recent years.

I’ve read a lot about the situation and the whole history of it* and a lot of blame, not unjustly, is sitting at the door of internet shopping – most notably Amazon. A lot of people accuse the HMV management of resting on their laurels and being too dismissive of the emergence of online shopping in the late 90s. But one comment that stood out to me amongst everything I read was the rather flippant assertion that this wasn’t the case because in 1997 HMV launched their own website selling online. It was presented as if that was enough – HMV had a website so online shopping can’t be the problem.
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Stamford Clothiers

Stamford Clothiers

Having completed a website for Wineberg the Tailors we were asked to do a site for another of the companies’ businesses Stamford Clothiers who specialise in plus two’s, plus four’s and breeks for shooting and golfing communities.

The site offers made to measure and ready to wear clothing in a variety of different cloths and also ready to wear stockings.

Built on the popular eCommerce platform TradingEye the site has been given a custom layout and various customised areas and modifications from TradingEye including modified search functionality.

Analytics tracking and JavaScript

The site has added JavaScript functionality such as accordions and mouse over menus and the Google Analytics setup includes conversion, eCommerce and search tracking.

Email marketing

Following the site launch an email marketing newsletter and offline advertising has seen the site get off the ground with a flurry of orders.

TradingEye show search query string in URL

I [heart] Trading Eye

Another Trading Eye hack for today. Very nicely the guys at DPI Vision have spent plenty of time making the URL’s search engine friendly. They’ve also done it with the site search however and if you want to track your search in Google Analytics (and you should do!) then you need to reverse that change.

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5 key metrics you should know from Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Well a nice little jolly down to London for the eCommerce Expo at Earls Court today. Generally I was surprised that I didn’t learn much new, except maybe that UK Fast have a recruitment policy that involves women who look good in hot pants http://twitpic.com/m8t5w (the girls in the picture are actually UK Fast employees and not hired in like I thought).

Not learning much can I guess be a good thing as it generally means we’re doing everything right in work. Still I attended a Google University session on analytics and I would certainly recommend Google University sessions if you get the chance to attend one. Amongst the things I took away were what the speaker said were his 5 key metrics that you should know for any eCommerce site and they’re equally applicable to normal sites. Continue reading