So the about page, this is where I tell you about myself and extol my virtues, which is pretty easy if you’re an overconfident idiot on the apprentice – I on the other hand am not so well versed in self promotion.

Working with me

As you may have worked out from the rest of the site I work as a web designer and developer and have over 15 years of professional experience and a few more spent being educated and dabbling on the web. My background is primarily in web development and coding in php, however I do web design and many other things such as email marketing, analytics work and article writing. I’m based in Kendal in Cumbria and currently work with different clients across the North West and others remotely. I do this part time (see below) but I keep a pretty full time interest in terms of keeping up with developments and goings on in the industry. I do work as part of larger teams and also solo projects but I try not to take on projects that are too big, although I’m always up for a challenge, but feel free to get in touch and I’ll be honest with my feedback and availability – it never hurts to ask!

Life on and off the web

This isn’t the day job though – the day job is rather different and involves me flying jet’s around Europe for easyJet.
I set up this site* and started doing freelance work whilst working for Armitage Online in Kendal, with whom I still have an occasional and good working relationship. Coming from a programming background I studied Computer Science and Music Technology at Keele University before working with the Cumbrian web start up eLakes (who are now sadly defunct). I then went on to work for leading digital agency Carpe Diem and gained exposure working with high profile clients such as Asics UK and Glaxo Smith Kline.

*The domain name is from an old band I used to play with – I still owned it and thought why not use it.

Where does the flying fit in?

Having left Carpe Diem I went off and spent a year in New Zealand getting some flying licenses (Hamilton, that popular it’s not normally a stop on those back packing tours). Having returned to the UK I relocated to Kendal and started working back on the web at Armitage Online where I transitioned to doing a lot more front end and design work than I had done previously. I was then later offered a job flying which is how I find myself where I am today. Flying planes but still with a passion for web design and development, hence whilst you’re still reading this!