TradingEye show search query string in URL

I [heart] Trading Eye

Another Trading Eye hack for today. Very nicely the guys at DPI Vision have spent plenty of time making the URL’s search engine friendly. They’ve also done it with the site search however and if you want to track your search in Google Analytics (and you should do!) then you need to reverse that change.

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Trading Eye Search Fixes (v5)

I [heart] Trading Eye

Firstly before I start I’d just like to say I think Trading Eye is a great piece of software and I think the guys at Dpivision have done a great job with it. Still there are some shortcomings and one of my major issues is with the search which I believe would be fixed with version 6 but from first look hasn’t.

Firstly if you search with an apostrophe there’s a good chance of breaking the search e.g. searching for (dave’s book). Secondly if you want a red book and searched with the phrase “red book” you wouldn’t get a match unless the exact phrase “red book” in that order was somewhere in the product title or description, even if the phrase “book red” was there that wouldn’t show up either.

So here’s my fix  which currently works for version 5 and in the near future after I’ve had  a poke around version 6 I hope to give you some adjustments for that.
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