5 key metrics you should know from Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Well a nice little jolly down to London for the eCommerce Expo at Earls Court today. Generally I was surprised that I didn’t learn much new, except maybe that UK Fast have a recruitment policy that involves women who look good in hot pants http://twitpic.com/m8t5w (the girls in the picture are actually UK Fast employees and not hired in like I thought).

Not learning much can I guess be a good thing as it generally means we’re doing everything right in work. Still I attended a Google University session on analytics and I would certainly recommend Google University sessions if you get the chance to attend one. Amongst the things I took away were what the speaker said were his 5 key metrics that you should know for any eCommerce site and they’re equally applicable to normal sites. Continue reading

Dreamcatcher Bridal

Already an existing Armitage Online client Dreamcatcher were seeking a redesign for their website. They had strong ideas as to what they wanted with a big focus on a large splash screen type image.

The main aim of the site was to easily showcase the dresses and ranges on offer at Dreamcatcher.

The site was mocked up in Fireworks and then put together using CSS and XHTML. It features JavaScript lightboxes and carousel scripts to allow better utilisation of space a simpiler layout.