It’s not about succeeding, it’s about trying something new

There are some very interesting things going on recently in terms of how we put together our sites and it’s leading to quite a few interesting discussions, mostly between those who aren’t ready to even consider using new web technologies until IE offer support for them and those who have whole heartedly embraced the ideas of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation. Personally I fall into the latter category, using HTML5 to code up sites and using CSS3 all over the place.

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New Project – Stat Share

Well I have a new project I’ve been looking to start putting together for a while but I’ve got as far as a domain and a holding page. The project is called StatShare and is at The aim is for people to share their website analytic reports via the site, anonymously, and they will then be collected together and analysed to produce useful data on bounce rates, visitor numbers and conversion rates amongst other things. By giving sites profiles the site will hopefully deliver reports on bounce rates for blogs in various traffic bands for example.

If you’re interested head over to and pop in your email address and be sure to follow the official StatShare twitter account @statshare.

Oh and there’s a bit of webkit animation in there if you can find it! – enjoy.

CSS Fundamentals: CSS 3 Transitions

Being rather busy I completely forgot to post the link to this last week, but I wrote an article for the great tutorial site NetTuts about CSS3 transitions.

It is a introduction for those who haven’t used the transitions before and goes on to a little more advanced usage within CSS3 animations – so go check it out at

Some notes on a site refresh: The new look KamikazeMusic

As you may have noticed about a week ago I gave the blog a spring clean and changed to a new theme I’ve been working on for a little while. I’ve felt for a while that the old site was rushed out a little back in October when I wasn’t 100% sure what was going to be the main focus on here and only a few months down the line I wanted a refresh for various reasons.
Using the great WordPress theme test drive plugin I worked away in the background with the site live putting together my new theme.

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The Blonde Board

The Blonde Board is a personal project that has long been in need of a revamp.

Started after a bit of fun at university the web site aims to collect together examples of all the daft things people say.

Having intially worked with a custom CMS (Content Management System) the redesign moved the site onto the wordpress platform with a custom theme.

The Design

The main focus of the theme was to keep things simple and easily readable as the site is heavily text based.
To add a bit of visual interest drop caps were added to the main body of text on each entry making use of a font devlivered by the TypeKit service.

CSS3 and Typekit

The theme makes use of new CSS3 properties and animation. Currently only viewable in webkit based web browsers (Safari and Chrome) the animation of a
stickman dunce character is made when hovering over menu items on the main navigation.

The use of non web safe fonts delivered from TypeKit enable the drop caps to be styled without using image replacment techniques and are also used on the
main site navigation.


  • Word press site with custom theme
  • Full design and coding of theme
  • Use of new CSS3 and TypeKit font replacement
  • Site live at
  • Preview image
  • Preview image
  • Preview image