Mopay are the original and first mobile phone recycling website setup in the UK. They offer customers the chance to trade in their old mobiles for cash.

Mopay have a need for both Flash and Gif banners for their own site, advertising campaigns and for their affiliate network.

The banners are first storyboarded from initial ideas presented by the mopay team and once approved converted into the animated banners.

The GIF banners are produced statically in different sizes before being optimized for display as lower quality GIF images.

A Flash MPU for off site advertising.

Fellinis Ambleside

  • Fellinis Screenshot
  • Fellinis Screenshot
  • Fellinis Screenshot

Fellinis Ambleside

Fellinis Ambleside is a vegeteranean restaurant and independent cinema based in Ambleside in the Lake District. The owners run Zeffirellis cinema and restaurant who’s site Armitage Online had built.

We were asked to put together a site with a look and feel more appropriate to the new Fellinis restaurant whilst also offering integration with the Zeffirellis website to enable management of cinema listings across the two websites easily.

Zeffirellis had been built on ExpressionEngine and Fellinis was integrated using the multi site manager system.

The website design drew inspiration from the already existing menu and logo and the newly decorated Fellinis restaurant, giving a more mature classical style that was a better fit for Fellinis.

The site also has an introductory flash animation showcasing various images from the restaurant and cinema.

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