This is a bit old - you may or may not notice the date on this post but it's over a year old. That doesn't mean it's not useful but we all know how fast things chance on the web so there's a chance that techniques and technologies described here could be a little dated.


As all the cool kids on twitter are playing –

Go to the address bar in your favorite browser, and type one letter. Start with “a”, end with “z”.
(All mine are from the work PC)
A –
B –
C –
D –
E –
F –
G –
H –
J –
K –
L –
M –
N –
O –
P –
Q –
R –
S –
T –
U –
V –
W –
X –
Y –
Z –

Unsurprisingly a lot of websites we work on, I’ll have to try this at home as well.