This is a bit old - you may or may not notice the date on this post but it's over a year old. That doesn't mean it's not useful but we all know how fast things chance on the web so there's a chance that techniques and technologies described here could be a little dated.

The Randomiser Interview #4 – John O’Nolan

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As always you can see previous interviews here – Random email interviews but today we’re finding out what web designer, entrepreneur and blogger John O’Nolan has to share with us.

Random Email Interview number 4 – John O’Nolan

With lucky numbers

3, 1, 9, 23, 14, 21, 4, 20, 5 and 10

First things first describe yourself in a tweet – 140 characters – Go!

Hello! Thanks for having me – I’m a passionate web designer, entrepreneur, programmer, blogger, & author. Founder & owner of Lyrical Media.

On with the answering!

1. (Question 3) – Who’s your favourite movie star?
I’m not very good with movies, or actors for that matter – so this might be a bit of a let-down, but I’m going to go ahead and say Megan Fox (for obvious reasons). Are her acting abilities the best in the world? Probably not – but do I like to see her in films? Oh yes.

2. (Question 1) – What’s your favourite movie?
Damn the randomiser for giving me another movie one. I’m a Tarentino fan, so favourite(s) would have to be Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Inglorious Basterds. I like his stuff mostly cause it’s a bit different to everything else… I get very (very) bored of films like ‘Meet The Parents’ (and its 15 sequels).

3. (Question 9) – What’s your favourite album?

Now this is more in my area! I do find it really hard to give a single answer for these though so I’m going to have to give you my top 3.

Biffy Clyro – Blackened Sky
Reuben – Very Fast Very Dangerous
Muse – Absolution

If I could listen to 3 albums for the rest of time it would be those, and if I had to put one at the top of the list, it would (reluctantly) be Reuben.

4. (Question 23 added by Chris Spooner) – Which celebrity do you most look like?

Trust Chris to drop me in it! Thanks mate! When I was younger / fitter / always had a shaved head – I used to get told I looked a bit like Justin Timberlake. Now I’ve packed on a few pounds from spending too many hours at a computer I get told I look a bit like Jack Osbourne.

I’m not sure which is worse tbh, but neither are particularly flattering!

5. (Question 14) – If you were an animal what would you be?

Probably a snake. Just cause I could unhook my jaw and eat a whole turkey without chewing it… and quite frankly who DOESN’T want to do that?

6. (Question 21 added by Jacob Gube) – When you were little who was your favourite super hero and why?
I was never big on comic books or anything, but I remember liking Wolverine and Spiderman when I watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. I think I liked the idea of shit shooting out of my hands – though I’m not sure why, or what that say about me!

7. (Question 4) – What was the first computer you owned?
Well the first computer (ever) was a… I don’t actually know if it had a name, but it was a beige PC with a Pentium 2 (omg) processor. This was in about 1993 so it would boot up MS DOS and then you had to type “win” and press Enter in order to boot up Windows95.

That was the first cast-off computer I got from my dad anyway, the first one I bought for myself was a 12” iBook in December 2005. Then the new line of MacBooks were released in January 2006… I learned my lesson.

8. (Question 20) – What’s your drink of choice?
I don’t drink a lot of alcohol so I’d probably have to go with coffee, which fuels most of my life, but when cocktails are available I highly enjoy a good Mojito or a Martini.

9. (Question 5) – Are you a sports fan and who do follow/support?
I’m a big Formula1 fan, and have been for about 10 years now. In terms of who I support it pretty much varies from year to year as there’s always so much change in teams/drivers.

For the coming season I’m looking forward to seeing how Bruno Senna does, and the brand new Virgin Racing team.

10. (Question 10 ) – If you had an elephant where would you hide it?
Hide it? I wouldn’t hide it. I would display it proudly, but pay it absolutely no attention. Then I would have people come to my house and say things like “why are we ignoring the elephant in the room?”. HOURS of entertainment.

And the all important final question – what question do you want to add to the question bank?

Picture the scene: You’re on a mountain peak somewhere in the Swiss Alps, and you’ve just realised a snow storm is going to take your life. You huddle for shelter in some sort of ice-cave that looks like it might have been used as a meth-lab at some point, but it doesn’t help, and you still freeze. As you draw your final gasps of air, a beaver comes over to you and slaps you in the face. Why did he do that?

And so a massive thanks to John, a thoroughly entertaining interview and as unusual a question as I could imagine will be entering into the question bank. You can catch up with John at his website where he will tell you all about running his own web business and also has a great blog or you can follow him on Twitter at @johnonolan.
Until next time, don’t eat yellow snow.