Using CSS3: Older Browsers and Common Considerations

Lost worlds fairs multiple backgrounds

For those who haven’t been to Smashing Magazine recently they published another of my articles a couple of days ago.This time a look at CSS3 and some practical aspects of using it, it’s aimed at those new to using CSS3 and wanting to find out some basic ideas, but I’m sure it’ll help out more experienced people as well.

Check it out at

Decision-Making Models In Web Development

Well I’ve not posted on here for a while but it doesn’t mean I’m not busy. In fact it means I am very busy.
For those who don’t pop onto Smashing Magazine too often you may not have noticed but I wrote an article for them a while back which has just been published. It’s about using decision making models and applying them to web design scenarios, so why not go and check it out.
Decision-Making Models In Web Development