Revisiting HTML5 placeholder fixes

I had a detailed look at my analytics for the first time in a while and I noticed I pick up quite a bit of traffic from which was quite interesting. Digging further I had a look and found most of it is to the quick JQuery based HTML5 placeholder fix I posted a while ago.
As pointed out by some Stack Overflow commenters there are elements of the coding that are less than ideal so I thought I’d address them and see what can be done.
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JQuery val() quirk

I’ve had a good solid day of coding, probably my first in quite a while. Whilst I was playing round some JQuery I came across a quirk I’ve never noticed before. I call it a quick because it’s certainly not behaviour I’d expect.

When working with some HTML form elements I used the JQuery method val() to set the value of a select box. So as an example here’s a select box and the JQuery to set it.

<select name="DavesSelectBox" id="DavesSelectBox">
<option value="0">Zero</option>
<option value="1">One</option>


Now the problem arises when the form is submitted using a normal submit button and post method. I noticed whilst it visually seemed the select box was being set to the value, the posted value didn’t reflect this and posted the original value.

So after some looking around it turns out that if the element has the same name and id then .val() can sometimes be a little problematic. So the quick fix to change the name and id to different values. Strange!

JQuery HTML5 placeholder fix

I’ve revisited this post here – Revisiting HTML5 placeholder fixes I recommend you check that update out.

One of the nifty new features of HTML5 is the placeholder for forms which is added by putting in a placeholder value.

So I can use this everywhere I’ve just written a quick bit of jQuery to replicate the placeholder functionality in browser that don’t support. It also uses Modernizr to check if the browser already supports the placeholder technique.

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