This is a bit old - you may or may not notice the date on this post but it's over a year old. That doesn't mean it's not useful but we all know how fast things chance on the web so there's a chance that techniques and technologies described here could be a little dated.

The Randomiser Interview #7 – Sam Brown

lottery balls

The randomiser makes it way to number 7 after a little break, and it’s web designer and developer Sam Brown who joins in those all ready randomised.

Random email interview number 7 – Sam Brown

With lucky numbers 23, 5, 3, 13, 18, 16, 21, 11, 10 and 2.
Lets get started!

First things first describe yourself in a tweet – 140 characters – Go!
Sam Brown is a freelance interface designer and web standards developer from Edinburgh Scotland who is passionate about great code & design.

1. (Question 23) – Which celebrity do you most look like?

(added by Chris Spooner)

According to my friends, Eminem. Thus I turned up to our annual New Year fancy dress party sporting a grey cotton tracksuit, red baseball cap, bandanna and some bling. I’m trying my hardest to keep the photos under wraps!

2. (Question 5) – Are you a sports fan and who do you follow/support?

I’m a big Formula 1 fan and have a particular fancy for McLaren but I’m not religious about supporting the team – I just genuinely love the sport. Really looking forward to the forthcoming season. I also enjoy Champions League Football and International Rugby.

3. (Question 3) – Who’s your favourite movie star?

Probably someone like Denzel Washington, he has starred in a lot of movies that I have really enjoyed. I like a vast array of movie genres, picking a single movie star is rather difficult.

4. (Question 13) – What are the best presents you’ve ever given and received?

My Dad bought me my first MacBook Pro which was easily the best I have received, I like giving people presents that involve activities such as helicopter rides or a an abseiling adventure – one of those I’d imagine.

5. (Question 18) – What is your favourite book?

Not sure I have one to be honest, I tend to buy books and read them once. Actually, to tell the truth, I tend to buy books just to stock my bookshelves – I rarely find the time to read them.

6. (Question 16) – If there was a film of your life who should play you?

Matt Damon, but not Bourne Matt, more like Good Will Hunting Matt.

7.(Question 21) – When you were little who was your favourite super hero and why? (added by Jacob Gube)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I have absolutely no idea why! I was a little obsessed with them for a few years.

8. (Question 11) – What’s the longest you’ve ever been without a shower?

Only a few days, but it was rather unpleasant. We checked out of our Vegas hotel room in the morning – spent the day on the strip in the blazing heat before leaving Las Vegas in the evening but due to bad weather over New York we had to land in Philadelphia where we spent the night sleeping at the airport. We then flew the 15 minute flight from Philly to JFK the next morning and our flight back to Edinburgh didn’t leave until 2200, so we got the train into NYC and spent the day in the summer heat before flying the 6 hours back to the UK. All in all it was a solid 2 days in the same clothes and without a shower!

9. (Question 10) – If you had an elephant where would you hide it?

Probably at Tim Van Damme’s House.

10. (Question 2) – Where are you from and what’s the best thing about it?

Edinburgh, Scotland and easily the city itself particularly the old town.

And the all important final question – what question do you want to add to the question bank? Do you have a vice or bad habit, what is it and do you wish you could change it?

A big thank you to Sam for taking part you can catch up with him at his blog or on Twitter @sambrown