The Randomiser Interview #1 – Jacob Gube

lottery balls

I’m sure you haven’t failed to notice that some people are quite well known in the web community, to coin a phrase the “web-rities“. Like celebrities from other walks of life people love to read interviews with them and well I thought it might be nice to have something similar on KamikazeMusic. However I didn’t want to be churning out all the same old interview stuff you can read from plenty of other places on the Internet and so the randomiser email interview questionnaire thingie was born.

How it works
It starts with a question bank of 20 questions some computer related, some a little different. Each interviewee will get 10 questions at random from the bank and then they get to add their own question, ergo we get to find out some more unusual things about them and a bank of fun and interesting questions is built up for future interviews.
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