My Work

You can read more about my background on my about page but here you can see a selection of some of my work. Primarily my work is web design and development with a preference for using technologies such as php, HTML5 and JavaScript, although I have on occasion dipped my toe into the world of print for some design work.

This doesn't just limit me to designing and building websites though, I have worked on google analytics projects and website A/B and multi variant testing projects, email marketing campaigns as well as standard design and build jobs. I also take time to write about the web with various articles and tutorials on web design and development and have had the pleasure to write not just for my own blog but for industry leading blogs such as Smashing Magazine, Net Tuts and Six Revisions. I was also pleased to have my writing included in the Mastering CSS eBook published by Smashing Magazine. In addition I have also done technical reviews for book proposals regarding design and development.

Unfortunately you won't see all I do here, I often work for agencies and companies that require my work to be under their banner and so it is not directly attributable to me.