This is a bit old - you may or may not notice the date on this post but it's over a year old. That doesn't mean it's not useful but we all know how fast things chance on the web so there's a chance that techniques and technologies described here could be a little dated.

What’s going on – new stuff and what’s in progress

For those unaware I am no longer working full time in web development and instead I’m flying planes around Europe for easyJet. That does not however mean I’m not doing web stuff anymore, I am! I’m pleased to still be involved at Armitage Online and they recently launched two sites that I’d been working on. The first is Leonardsfield House, a website for a Keswick guest house which is based on the nifty little CMS Perch, which is brilliant for straight forward no nonsense CMS needs.

The second site is VMC Developments, a Lancaster based building contractors. Based on WordPress I started the design and build on the site and it was finished off by the fantastic Ryan Downie who made it look a damn site better than I had with some great work and finishing touches.

In other bits and pieces I’ve been slowly piecing together the stuff for my analytics project which is now massively behind the timescale I had been working to but will hopefully start to show something useful in the next few weeks. I’ve also been working with Rugby League website Last Tackle on adding new functionality to their fantasy league system and also a few other projects with them.

Which I think about covers the update, there’s some writing being thrown in for good measure, another long overdue article for Six Revisions should be on it’s way soon as well. So with any luck you’ll have some more stuff to read about on here in the not too distant future.