Rugby League in lego

It’s been a busy old week over at Love Rugby League mainly due to the release of the Super League 2011 season review in lego video.
If you like either rugby or lego it’s well worth checking out, actually if you don’t check it out anyway and if you want you can read more about the project and the exposure it gained in national and international press over at JDG Media.

The site gets a new look

Kamikaze Music old design
If you’ve made your way to the site since last night you’ll have seen the new look (a picture of the old one is above if you can’t remember it). I’m not sure if it would be classed as a redesign or realign, but it’s the biggest overhaul I’ve done in a while. I had a few new things I wanted to try out and I had some ideas that had sat around for ages, plus the site was seeming a little sluggish so I got stuck into it and decided to get it done at the weekend.
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My switch from PC to Mac

It’s about 6 weeks since I took the leap and switched my work setup from my familiar and trusted Windows setup and got myself a Mac and given the amount of interest in work setups with sites like The setup and also the amount of reading I did before I switched I thought I’d give some of my thoughts. Continue reading

Using CSS3: Older Browsers and Common Considerations

Lost worlds fairs multiple backgrounds

For those who haven’t been to Smashing Magazine recently they published another of my articles a couple of days ago.This time a look at CSS3 and some practical aspects of using it, it’s aimed at those new to using CSS3 and wanting to find out some basic ideas, but I’m sure it’ll help out more experienced people as well.

Check it out at

Coding that makes you say WTF!

Every so often you pick up a project that has been coded by somebody else and encounter something and you can’t help but wonder what the f**k they were thinking, often it’s down to naivety or a lack of knowledge, or even a use of old outdated coding methods but then sometimes it’s just mind boggling bizarre.

Here’s a few examples I’ve come across recently but I’m sure there’s plenty of you with more to share. Continue reading